Online Bond Platform for
High yield, fixed
income investments
Go beyond traditional equity and FD products.
Access curated listed bonds secured by collateral.
Effortlessly invest with a minimum amount of ₹10,000.
Unlock high returns up to 18% and earn periodic payments.
Regulated by SEBI
Why invest with Jiraaf
Leave the heavy lifting to us and experience effortless investment
Curated & rated
fixed income opportunities
Dedicated relationship manager
Led by a team of finance experts
Easy and transparent access to information
Registered & licensed online bond platform
Your ultimate fixed-income destination
Listed Corporate Bonds
Treasury Bills
7% and above
Sovereign Gold Bonds
2.5% (Fixed) + Variable
Diverse Credit Risk Investment Options
Low to High Credit Risk
T-bills/G-secs/SDLs are zero to low risk options while corporate bonds typically have lower risk than equity.
Secondary Income Stream
Get a steady stream of passive income with Corporate Bonds and Sovereign Gold bonds.
Assets with High-Priority Claims
Bond investors get priority over regular shareholders on claims on any company’s assets.
Tax Optimization
Maximize Returns and Minimize Taxes on qualified bonds
Varying Tenure Options
Choose from wide range of investments with varied tenures from 3 months to 36 months.
Take the first step towards financial prosperity
Portfolio Diversification
Diversify your assets across listed Corporate bonds, Gold bonds, G-Secs, and T-Bills to meet your financial goals.
Big Returns, Small Investments
Invest small and earn higher returns compared to traditional debt opportunities.
Planned Payouts
Take charge of your financial goals with planned investments and predictable repayments.
Wealth creation has never been so simple
Start investing in 3 simple steps
Complete paperless KYC online
Keep these handy to effortlessly complete KYC. Your personal data is secure with us.
Select from a curated list of opportunities
Access detailed information enabling you to make an informed investment decision.
Complete payment and receive securities in your demat account
Transfer funds to clearing corporation and receive securities.
Regulated framework for investing in bonds
Regulatory sales process for Bonds
All corporate bond investments follow the SEBI created framework for doing trades thereby improving transparency. All payments and bond unit allocations are directly dealt via SEBI regulated Clearing Houses.
Credit Rating
All listed bonds are rated by SEBI regulated external credit rating agencies. These agencies evaluate the financial strength of the borrower and their capacity to service and repay their debt. They assign different strength ratings to issuers thereby helping investors make educated decisions while investing.
Debenture Trustees
They are SEBI regulated entities and their primary job is to protect bondholders. They ensure that borrowers adhere to the issuance terms of the bond at all times and enforce the rights of bond holders if there is a breach by a bond issuer.
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