Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to questions that we get asked most about investing in jiraaf
1Who can invest on the Jiraaf platform?
2What is the process to register on Jiraaf?
3What are the documents required for completion of KYC on Jiraaf?
4How do I view opportunities on Jiraaf?
5Are opportunities listed on Jiraaf risky?
6Is Jiraaf compliant with applicable regulatory norms (including SEBI or RBI, if applicable)?
7How much should I invest here?
8Is there any minimum investment amount?
9Are opportunities listed on Jiraaf available for investment by NRIs?
10How do I track and monitor my investments?
11How is Jiraaf earning money?
12What will happen to my investments if Jiraaf shuts down?
13What is IRR and how is it different from ROI?