Our Credit Assessment

Our experienced credit risk team conducts robust due diligence and rigorous credit evaluation for all corporate debt opportunities to curate quality opportunities for investors.

3 critical levers for credit evaluation


Pre-Sanction Credit Risk Assessment


Deal Structuring


Post-Sanction Monitoring


Pre-sanction credit risk assessment

Evaluation Phase

Assessing Credibility
Assessing Credibility
  • Assessment of management credibility
  • Adherence to legal, regulatory and statutory guidelines
  • Review of past conduct with lenders
  • Third-party verification
  • Corporate governance concerns
Business Model Validation
Business Model Validation

Key factors analysed:

  • Product and market evaluation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Financial metrics and margins
  • Business risks
Ability to Repay on Time
Ability to Repay on Time
  • Sensitivity analysis and stress test of operating cash flows
  • Ability to infuse and raise money
  • Verification of cash reserves for working capital needs, debt obligations and equity fund flows


Deal Structuring

Risk identification and mitigation phase

During the process of structuring a potential investment opportunity, the credit risk team identifies the risk associated and designs appropriate mitigants to minimize those risks through the application of various covenants and security packages.

Few covenant examples that Jiraaf may require borrowers to follow


Restrictions on repayment of other loans or corporate guarantees, until repaid to Jiraaf

Maintaining certain parameters such as Revenue, Costs, EBITDA, cash burn, etc.

Adherence to sufficient funds in Reserve Account for Servicing Debt

Restrictions on change in capital structure/management, shareholding pattern, etc.

Preserving credit rating of the company and maintaining pre-determined debt-equity ratio

No fundamental change to company such as Name, Registered Office, Authorised Capital


Post Sanction Monitoring

Early stress identification phase

We periodically engage with the counterparty to assess their financial health, monitor covenants,and identify any early stress signals to take pre-emptive corrective actions.

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